Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What's new?!?

Assalaamu alaikum! It's been a long while since I've blogged. Since Ramadaan, a few other brothers/sisters and my husband and I have joined efforts to start a Muslim Outreach Center here in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. It's physical location is in Norfolk, VA. Bi 'ithnillah, we intend to provide free social services for our brothers and sisters and also run a food pantry for the public community. Alhamdulillah, this project has developed so quickly and has kept us all so busy. By Allah's mercy, we are moving into our building in a week! Check out our website! Let me know what you think, in sha Allah!

Right now, my family and I are on a much needed vacation, Alhamdulillah! We've visited Luray Caverns in Luray, VA and Shenandoah Valley; beautiful, scenic towns not too far from DC. Once we get home it'll be serious school time, in sha Allah. My oldest daughter is testing out K12's Virtual Academy for her 6th grade year (because it's the last year they offer it for FREE! LOL). Surprisingly, she has become very independent and taking charge of her schooling. She knows exactly what needs to be accomplished and has three teachers she has to answer to that is NOT her mother! LOL!

Inside Luray Caverns

Shenandoah Valley


  1. Asalaamu alaikum waramtulahi wabarakatahu

    How did you end up liking K12?

    1. K12 is aiight. LOL. It's my 6th graders first "public school" experience and it's pretty intense. The benefits are they send you all the materials you need, you have 3 teachers that makes sure you get your work done, they can send you a computer too if needed. When my other daughter did it for 1st grade, I had to work with her for about 5 hrs a day which was waaay too much for us especially for a 6 yr old lol. I don't think we will continue next year.